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What Makes Waterford Crystal so Unique?

That Certain Something

There is something special about Waterford Crystal. That certain something that has kept people buying Waterford Crystal for over 200 years. There aren't many businesses that have been around that long. There is something elegant and unique about the many fine crystal items from picture frames to vases to creamers to stemware that Waterford's artisans painstakingly create. Perhaps, in addition to the exquisite appearance and fine quality, people appreciate the fact that Waterford has never discontinued a pattern so a replacement piece can always be found should the need arise.

Hot Designs - From Classic to Contemporary

Waterford Crystal comes in a wide variety of styles to suite every personality and every taste from classic to modern. Some of their crystal designs have not changed for nearly 200 years while others are designed by today's hottest designers like Marc Jacobs. Whether you are looking for a timeless piece that can be handed down for generations or something eclectic and unique, Waterford Crystal offers something for everyone.

Classic Wedding Shower Gifts

A fine piece of Waterford Crystal is the perfect traditional wedding or shower gift. Whether it is a beautiful vase, a sugar and creamer set or the classic wedding cake knife and server set, every bride and groom will appreciate the fine quality of Waterford Crystal and it becomes a cherished heirloom in their family that can be passed down to future generations. And crystal isn't just clear anymore. Today's Waterford Crystal pieces come in a variety of uniquely beautiful colors and shapes that can accent any décor.

The Lismore Collection

This collection of timeless crystal pieces recently celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2002 and is, by far, the most popular line of Waterford Crystal to date. Although other Waterford lines like Alana, Carina and Araglin are gaining their own following and cannot be ignored.

Summing it Up

Waterford Crystal has that certain something that has grabbed the attention of people around the world for over 200 years. From classic designs to modern crystal pieces in unique styles and colors, Waterford has it all. Timeless crystal creations from vases to chandeliers create an impact and attract attention. Wedding shower favorites like sugar and creamer sets become cherished family heirlooms. There is no doubt that Waterford will continue to be the most recognized and respected name in crystal for many years to come.