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Orrefors Vases and...

A Brief History of Orrefors
Orrefors glassworks began in 1898 on the site of an ironworks that had been in operation since 1726 in southeast Sweden in a town called Smaland. The name stems from "Orra" for the Orranas Lake that is nearby to the plant and "fors" for the rapids that once ran near the original ironworks plant. The name is now known throughout the world for exquisitely designed vases and crystal. When they first started out the glassworks plant often helped the ironworks out by making cheap tableware and bottles, but once Johan Ekman bought the company out in 1913 he closed the ironworks and set out to make high-quality glassware instead.
The Famous Graal Technique or Orrefors
The Graal technique is something unique that was created by one of the first artisans hired by Johan, Simon Gate. This technique involves creating multiple layers of cameo colored glass in a casing of clear glass. Basically, a several layers of hot colored glass are placed over a clear glass and then allowed to cool over a period of time. The artist can then cut a design through the layers creating unique cameo patterns. The work is then reheated and coated with a layer of crystal and blown into its final shape.
Other Techniques
The Graal technique is still used today, but it also gave way to several variations and other innovations such as fish grail, slip grail and Ariel. The Ariel technique, for instance, uses a design cut deep into the multi-layered blank and then overlaid with a clear bubble of molten crystal which cases air to be trapped inside the cut sections giving an illusion of silver in the glass when light is reflected through the surface.
An Excellent Gift Idea
An Orrefors vase makes an excellent gift idea for a wedding shower or a housewarming gift for someone with sophisticated tastes. Each vase is so unique, it will definitely prove to be a great conversation piece and is something worth handing down to future generations.
Summing it Up
From the mountainside of Sweden in 1898 to the modern world of today, Orrefors vases have created a stir for well over a hundred years. Innovative and unique techniques make their designs stand out from the crowd and can simply not be duplicated. The best of the old and the best of the new go into Orrefors vases making them something to truly treasure.