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Michael Aram Giftware

Michael Aram Giftware is comprised of some of the most exquisite offerings available at The Yellow Door, with luxurious workmanship that belie their finely sensitive spiritual ethos. “Aram” means “with love,” “in peace,” or “gently” in Hindi, and this is entirely appropriate for the fine gifts produced by the craftsmen who labor to transform the American-born innovator whose primary medium is metal, but whose scope has gone on to span the range of fresh designs in exciting new categories.

Michael Aram creations now encompass a variety of materials, styles, and functions that make great gifts for any occasion. After studying and making art in late 1980s New York, Michael made a life-changing trip to India and was so impressed by her master craftsmen with traditional skills that he moved there to set up a New Delhi workshop. Since then, Michael’s output has come to reflect more and more the humanity of the handmade process, where each piece is lovingly infused with the soul of the craftsman. Thus is Michael Aram Giftware imbued with an energy that causes us to pause and reflect, creating an atmosphere of reverence in the midst of the everyday. Each piece is completely handmade, and no two works are ever exactly the same. Working in glass, stone, metal, or any other material that can help him realize his vision of humanity’s multifaceted soul, Michael employs traditional methods to bring

Michael’s works span the catalog of home accessories from tableware to furniture, sold in upscale galleries and boutiques the world over. Such a range speaks to the diversity of his vision as well as his comfort working on private commissions and designs for a wider audience. Reconciling the artist’s purity with the artisan’s practicality is a hallmark of his, as in the narrative and figurative “signature” collections and those of the more contemporary “studio” line. It is an attitude that makes no distinction between creator and creation, or the sacred and the everyday, at home at once with contemporary as well as more classical interiors. In this way Michael is able to produce works of high quality which are as much a personal statement as they are mass productions whose appeal is universal. With an array of works to choose from, The Yellow Door makes creative gifting easy: mix and match the various pieces to create your own set of giftware, one that bears your own signature tastes!