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Majorica Pearls and beauty

Better than Natural
Pearls are elegant and beautiful, but getting a perfect pearl necklace or pair of earrings is next to impossible and it can get very expensive. A much better alternative might be to try Majorica Pearls. Majorica Pearls were first made over one hundred years ago on the island Majorca which is located in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain in much the same way they are made today. These man-made beauties resemble natural pearls in nearly every way, except that they are much more durable, can be made to be identical and do not contain any flaws that would distract from their beauty.
How Natural and Cultured Pearls are Made
Natural pearls are made in the tender insides of oysters. When an irritant, such as a granule of sand, gets inside the oyster it protects itself by creating a smooth surface to cover the granule. It repeatedly builds layer upon layer for many years until a pearl is formed. The end result is often flawed and there is no way to get matching pearls so those that match as closely as possible are chosen for jewelry. Cultured pearls are made with oysters that are bred and have an "irritant" deliberately inserted which under ideal circumstances can control the size and shape of the pearl.
How Majorica Pearls are Made
Majorica Pearls are man-made to much more exacting specifications. They begin with a small, perfectly round glass ball. This ball is then dipped into a pearl-like liquid made up of crushed fish scales, mother-of-pearl and oil that forms a paste and sticks to the glass ball. This process may be repeated 30 times and then the balls are dried. Once dry, the pearls can be polished to complete perfection, eliminating any nicks or bumps that might occur in natural pearls.
Summing it Up
Majorica Pearls are, in essence, the most perfect pearls you can get. They are even more beautiful than natural pearls and far more durable. Jewelry made from Majorica Pearls is absolutely beautiful and is made to last so that it can be passed down for generations. If you love the beauty and elegance of pearls but desire a more perfect and durable piece of jewelry, Majorica Pearls may be right for you. Taking the best of nature and combining it with a sophisticated process and attention to detail make Majorica Pearls true works of art.