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Lladro Figurines are Classic Art

A Brief History of Lladro Figurines
It began as an experiment when three brothers, Juan, José and Vicente Lladro made their first porcelain creations in a Moorish furnace that was built into their home in what is now known as Valencia, Spain. The brothers worked in a tile and crockery factory and through their work and their experiments at home they began to develop their artistic nature. The year was 1953 and the results were stunningly beautiful and began to attract public attention almost immediately. By 1955 they were making sculptures that reflected a strong passion for the art and fashion of the 18th century and the influences of the great porcelain artisans of that era such as Meissen, Sevres and Capodimonte become obvious.
A Unique Process Creates Unique Results
One of the things that the Lladro brothers pioneered that made a huge difference in the look of their porcelain figurines was a one-layer firing process. Up until then, most artists used the traditional three-layer firing process, which is obviously more time consuming and yields an entirely different look. This new one-layer firing process results in the unique crystalline finish and pastel tonalities that are typical of the Lladro brothers' work.
Moving Forward Until Today
The Lladro brothers continued to refine their skills and grow their business throughout the years. They built a large complex of factories, offices and even leisure facilities for their employees in the late 1960's and also create a Professional Training School in their "City of Porcelain" to ensure that a new generation could learn the exacting procedures and artistic skills needed to continue their tradition well into the future. They continue to this day to experiment with different materials and procedures to continually create new and unique figurines both large and small.
Summing it Up
Italian luxury and an influence of 18th Century art are still evident in the Lladro Figiurines pieces of today, although Oriental and modern influences may also be seen. Lladro offers a premiere line known as "High Porcelain" where limited edition and unique pieces are available at a higher price, but all Lladro Porcelain Figurines are crafted to the highest quality standards and each has its own unique look and feel. Whether you are a collector or just want a unique and lovely porcelain figurine to compliment your décor, a fine Lladro Porcelain Figurine may be just the thing you need.