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Lalique Crystal to buy

A Brief History of the Lalique Glassmaking Tradition
In the mid 1800's French designer Rene Lalique longed for a way to make art glass creations without the expense and difficulty of hand blowing each piece. He began producing his initial pieces by hand using a lesser known wax process that required each mold to be broken in order to remove the art glass which made each piece unique. Later he experimented with other methods where glass was blown into reusable metal molds and a stamping press was used to shape molten glass. The results were breathtaking and these new methods allowed Lalique to be a pioneer in the mass production of glass that would later land him a job designing a label and bottle for the perfumer Coty making them the first company to mass market bottled perfume.
The Tradition Evolved and Continued On...
After Rene's death in 1945 the business was carried on by his son Marc, but with one important change—the addition of lead to create crystal. Many of the same techniques were employed and Lalique now makes exquisite crystal creations from vases, candy dishes and boxes to Art Deco carafes, sculptures, perfume bottles and much more. Owning a piece of Lalique is an honor and it adds character and charm to any surroundings. Older Lalique pieces can be found in specialty stores, auctions and antique shops around the world and modern Lalique is available right here, online.
Decorating with Lalique Crystal
Using Lalique Crystal to decorate your home or office can help you create a unique look and accent any style you choose. From elegant and refined to Art Deco or eclectic, you can use a fine vase or other Lalique crystal piece to add style and charm to your décor. Simply placing a gorgeous Lalique vase on your coffee table instantly adds elegance and beauty.
Lalique Crystal as a Wedding Gift
Crystal is a traditional favorite as a wedding or wedding shower gift. It is a pleasure for a new couple just starting out to have something elegant to add to their first home together—something of value that can be passed down to future generations.
Summing it Up
The Lalique Crystal of today still follows the same type of innovation and dedication to quality that was there when Rene Lalique began making beautiful art glass back in the mid 1800's. Whether you are looking for a beautiful crystal decanter to accent your home or a lovely crystal vase as a wedding gift, you will find there is no better choice than Lalique Crystal.