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Juicy Couture Watches Make an Impact

What is Juicy Couture?
Juicy Couture is a very trendy line of both casual and dressy clothing, shoes, and accessories designed by Pam Skaist-Levy and Gela Taylor since the early 1990's. While upon hearing the name Juicy Couture many people automatically think of the snappy velour track suits that have become synonymous with the name, they have actually expanded into a full line of fashion, accessories and even perfumes.
Juicy Couture currently designs everything from jogging suits to skirts to purses, wallets, earrings and watches. A watch is something that everyone needs and can use on a daily basis. Juicy Couture makes watches in numerous styles and colors to suit almost every taste.
Juicy Couture Makes Watches for Every Occasion
While the basic style of Juicy started off as chic casual, you can certainly find a Juicy Couture watch for dressier occasions these days. Several of the watch designs are slender, classy and have silver or gold accents rather than the fun, bright colors you might find in a more casual watch from their brand. A watch can be an important part of your fashion statement for a special night out on the town.
Juicy Couture casual watches can be sporty or stylish, but they are always fun. You can find a Juicy watch in just about any color and they will always coordinate well with any Juicy Couture clothing you might choose to wear. Cute sayings and fashion forward designs continue to make Juicy a hit with the young and the young at heart.
Juicy Couture Watches Makes Great Gifts
A Juicy Couture watch is the ideal gift for the young lady or woman in your life. There is a juicy couture watch to suit every style and taste and even the not-so-young can appreciate the flirty-fun style of these fashion watches. These ultra feminine high fashion watches also come in a variety of prices to suit most any budget.
Summing it Up
Juicy Couture has set the standard for youthful fashion for women in both clothing and accessories. Juicy Couture clothing and accessories such as watches are bright and cheerful and give a lift to the wardrobe of young women and those who are young-at-heart. Juicy makes a variety of watches suitable for every occasion from going to the prom to hanging out at the game and even for wearing to work. They also make great gifts for the fashion conscious females on your list.