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Jay Strongwater Frames-Jeweled Masterpieces

A Brief History of Jay Strongwater Frames
Once upon a time, Jay Strongwater was a popular jewelry designer. Then one day, he sat down in his studio to design a pair of earrings when much to his surprise he started drawing a beautiful and ornate picture frame instead. He began to create and distribute these frames and soon they became quite famous and Jay left his jewelry designs behind to focus on his new niche of unique and ornate picture frames. His frames are very popular with celebrities such as Elton John and Oprah Winfrey and his collection has expanded to include other home furnishings such as candle holders, lamps and mirrors.
The Jay Strongwater Look
The look of Jay Strongwater Frames is ornate, covered with accents like Swarovski crystals, metal filigree flowers and lacquered enamel. A strong Victorian influence is felt in his collections or which he is dedicated to designing at least two per year. His frames feature a special metal back that has become his signature and was, as are so many things, borne out of necessity because he wasn't aware in the beginning that frames came in particular sizes so the black velvet covered boards that most frames use wouldn't fit and he had to custom make a backing for his first frames.
Great for Gifts
These beautiful and unique frames make excellent gifts for wedding showers, birthdays, Christmas and other gift-giving occasions. Although, celebrity client Morgan Fairchild says she often purchases Jay Strongwater Frames as gifts and then can't bear to part with them, so you might be wise to wrap them right away to avoid falling in love with the frame and not being able to give it away. These frames can also make a very unique baby shower gift for the mother who has everything.
Summing it Up
Jay Strongwater Frames have been intricately designed and created with care since 1994. They are beautiful masterpieces in and of themselves and will add a touch of elegance to any room in your home or business. These beautifully elegant frames make exceptional gifts especially for wedding or baby showers. A wedding photo looks even more incredible in a Jay Strongwater Frame and a baby looks even more precious when surrounded by Swarovski crystals. Any décor from traditional to modern can be complimented and accentuated with a beautiful Jay Strongwater Picture Frame to place on a mantle or bookshelf.