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Herend Figurines and The Beauty

A Brief History of Herend
Since 1826 when a man by the name of Vinzenz (Vince) Stingl invested in a small porcelain-making factory, Herend has been handcrafting fine porcelain, starting with dishes. In 1839 the company was taken over by Moric Fischer who initially focused on reproduction pieces for families who had broken a piece or two from their valuable collections. This lead to being asked by the king of Sardinia to replace some missing pieces of a very old set of Chinese porcelain. Upon delivering the new pieces, foreseeing some derision that might take place, Fischer secretly placed the new pieces in the cabinet and set the originals out on the table as his own work. When the king inspected the pieces he commented on how they were not nearly as perfect as those in the cabinet and then Fischer revealed the truth. This story spread like wildfire and ignited the fame that has stayed with the Herend brand ever since.
The Herend Figurines
In the 1870's Herend expanded their offerings to include beautiful and unique figurines. The original figurines were usually animals until the 1930's when folk figurines became all the rage. Animal figurines regained popularity in the 1950's and remain the most popular Herend figurines to this day. Many Herend creature inspirations came from the life and experiences of the artisans that worked there. The signature "fishnet" design that covers most Herend animal figurines came from an experience an artist had while admiring an obscure Chinese plate with a fish scale design. The artist used that fishnet pattern on the breast of a rooster in 1874, but it wasn't until the 1960's that the entire fishnet motif became the Herend trademark.
Playfulness and Attention to Detail
Two of the things that make Herend Figurines stand out would be their playfulness and attention to detail. Each animal has a lively personality and is designed "in action" rather than in a pose. Most animals feature some gold painted embellishment to accent their pastel fishnet appearance and playful attitude.
Summing it Up.
Herend has a long and distinguished history of quality and expert craftsmanship that continues to this day. The Herend Figurines are playful creatures embellished with gold and crafted with care. Perfect for curio cabinets, these unique creatures make excellent gifts and can be handed down from generation to generation to bring enjoyment for many years to come.