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Cookie Jars and Memories

Remember the Cookies, Remember the Love
Think back and try to remember the cookie jars that were in your home growing up and your grandmother's home. If you are like most people these memories come easily and quickly and give you that warm, loved feeling that you got when grandma reached in and gave you a nice homemade cookie when you visited her. You see, cookie jars hold more than just cookies; they hold memories and love. You may not have a cookie jar in your home or apartment today, maybe because you just haven't found one that matched your modern stylish décor.
Today's Cookie Jars have Style
While the bear on the beehive may have been the ideal cookie jar choice back in grandma's day, today's kitchen décor often calls for something a little more chic. Never fear, the designer cookie jars are here! These cookie jars are so adorable you might even want to use them as a centerpiece or place them in a curio cabinet, but rest assured, they are every bit as capable of holding a delicious batch of freshly baked (or store bought) cookies as grandma's old cookie jar ever was.
Different Styles and Colors
Each designer it comes in a different style, like an adorable handbag or gift box, or color so you can choose the perfect match for your kitchen's décor. The styles can be used to compliment kitchens that are modern, traditional or eclectic and they give a little quirky charm that can make you smile every time you enter the room. And don't think that you don't need a one just because you are on a diet; you can always use these adorable cookie jars to hold odds and ends, coupons or even your jewelry while you do the dishes.
Summing it Up
Cookies jars create great memories while keeping your cookies fresh and handy. Your cookie jar may be remembered by your family for many years to come especially for its unique charm. An adorable handbag or gift box cookie jar adds a quirky charm that makes people smile while complimenting today's kitchen designs from traditional to modern. They are attractive enough to be a focal point in the kitchen, even as a centerpiece. Even a dieter can use these unique cookie jars to hold small items in the kitchen or just because they add to the décor of the kitchen.