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Hand-Made Daum Crystal for Truly Special Occasions

No Two are Alike
Just like fingerprints or DNA, no two pieces of Daum Crystal are exactly alike. That is because each piece is painstakingly made by hand and signed with Daum France so you know you are getting an authentic French Daum Crystal creation. The rare and ancient techniques that are used in creating these unique crystal creations allows the artisans to capture both fine details and subtle contouring from the delicate roses on a picture frame to the large sweeping petals of the daisy bowl. Each bowl or sculpture in the Daum collection radiates with light and color making it a joy to own.
A Brief History of Daum Crystal
This highly sought after hand-made crystal got its start in Nancy, France in 1875 when Jean Daum began crafting elegant hand-made glass and crystal sculptures. His sons Auguste and Antonin eventually took over the business and oversaw operations during the burgeoning Art Nouveau era. The crystal pieces created in the Daum studio today still use the same patte de verre method that was used in the original creations.
The Perfect Gift for Special Occasions
If you are looking for a truly unique wedding, anniversary or even birthday gift for a special person on your list, a unique and exquisite Daum Crystal bowl or sculpture may be just the thing. What could make a couple feel more appreciated than a unique hand-crafted crystal creation that was chosen specifically for them? This is something that can be passed down from generation to generation and will retain its original beauty forever. A birthday gift of Daum Crystal tells a person that they are not only loved, but truly adored and the giver of such a gift will not be soon forgotten.
Summing it Up
No two pieces of Daum Crystal are alike which makes them unique and very precious. Each piece is handcrafted using the rare and ancient patte de verre technique and, in fact, Daum is the only known crystal maker today that uses this technique. Ever since 1875 when Jean Daum began his crystal business in France, his studio has been making extremely beautiful and original crystal vases, bowls and figurines. Daum Crystal makes the perfect gift for special people and special occasions. Daum Crystal is the highest quality crystal you can buy and due to its unique manufacturing process it is very valuable as well.