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Charriol Watch When Beauty Meets Perfection

More than Just a Watch
When is a watch not just a watch? When it is a Charriol fine jewelry watch, of course. Solid gold and jewels are features that can be found on many of Charriol's exquisite jeweled watches. Extreme attention to detail, superior craftsmanship and elegant designs all set these high-end watches apart from the rest. Another unique design characteristic of the Charriol watches is the use of tightly wrapped steel cables taking a style hint from the Celts who made jewelry from ropes of gold.
Not Just Good Looking
Excellent craftsmanship is a priority for Charriol watches, so they aren't "just another pretty face". But, then, what else would you expect from watches that are made in Switzerland? Precision, performance and luxury are the things that you can expect from your Charriol watch in addition to the stunning good looks.
A Brief History
Philippe Charriol made a life changing decision when he turned 40 years old, a decision that friends, family and colleagues trying to deter; he left his stable secure job as an executive director at a prestigious watch company to start his own company. That wasn't his only controversial move. The determined Charriol fought convention every step of the way starting his business in Switzerland and directly moving to dominate the Asian market. His insight and inspiration proved correct and Charriol quickly enjoyed wild success.
The Charriol of Today
Twenty-some years later Charriol is joined by his intensely beautiful and creative daughter who is one of the lead designers of the Charriol brand. They continue to craft some of the world's finest watches that are each a work of art and a dramatic piece of jewelry in addition to being a precision Swiss timepiece.
Summing it Up
Charriol is a company with vision and their exquisitely crafted Swiss timepieces are just as much fine jewelry as a way to tell time. If you are looking for a high-end watch that will add elegance and style to any outfit or as the perfect engagement gift, look no further than a Charriol watch. Diamonds, solid gold, fine leather and many other precious materials can be found in these high-fashion, elegant watches from Switzerland. From Hollywood stars and affluent businesspeople, to international royalty, the best people in the world enjoy the best watches in the world. Beauty and perfection fit neatly around your wrist.