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Burberry Watches Timeless Style

The Burberry Tradition
For over 150 years the name Burberry has been synonymous with style and durability. Thomas Burberry invented new materials such as gabardine and new designs such as the trench coat that remain classic to this day. His designs were sought after not only by the fashion elite, but also by officers in England's military and explorers such as Roald Amundsen who was the first to reach the South Pole. Burberry received two Royal Warrants for their work, one by Queen Elizabeth II in 1955 and another by HRH the Prince of Wales.
Modern Style with Classic Appeal
Today's accessories, like Burberry watches follow this timeless tradition by incorporating new ideas and fashion trends that have classic appeal. These watches are made with the highest quality standards in mind while providing a dynamic fashion accessory that provides the perfect accent to any outfit. Practical and functional yet elegant and chic, these watches come in a variety of designs that range from silver rhinestone encrusted bands to leather with gold or silver studs to classic Burberry plaids. There is something for everyone in the Burberry collection of watches.
Choosing a Burberry Watch to Match Your Style
Finding the right Burberry watch to match your style could leave you in a quandary. You may find that you will need several of these amazingly stylish watches to match your mood and look on any given day. Perhaps one of their Antarctic watches would be perfect for playing sports and engaging in other activities, while a more sophisticated look would be more appropriate for the office? Maybe you like to mix rhinestones and lace with a business suit to add a touch of femininity while defining your personal style? Or perhaps a studded band works well with a pair of leather boots and a sweater. Whatever your mood and whatever fashion message you are trying to send, you can find a Burberry watch that will suit the occasion.
Summing it Up
Burberry's designs have long been sought after by anyone looking for durability and style, including royalty. Today's Burberry accessories, including Burberry watches, are made to the same exacting standards and have the same fashion appeal that is both modern and timeless as the line has always stood for. Finding the right Burberry watch to match your style just might require purchasing several, but no wardrobe is complete without at least one high-quality fashion watch from Burberry.