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Alexis Bittar Jewelry Makes a Splash

A Brief History
Alexis Bittar began his entrepreneurial quest at quite a young age selling flowers from a hand-painted cart directly across the street from his Brooklyn home where he lived with his schoolteacher parents Bill and Helen Bittar. It was all downhill from there as the budding designer went through his teenage years attending dance clubs in the city and selling his creations from clothing to jewelry on the streets. By 1993, after attending a large trade show, Alexis had attracted the attention, and a lucrative deal from Saks Fifth Avenue.
Alexis Bittar's Style and Influences
His early designs began with chandelier cut earrings made from 1920's Depression Era glass. Later his collections evolved into a lot of Lucite and more glass and metal pieces. His designs are bold, retro, eclectic and exciting. Alexis Bittar jewelry is regularly featured in top fashion magazines and on runway models all around the world as well as being worn by many notable celebrities. He has also designed furniture and currently designs belts and home décor items in addition to his fabulous jewelry line.
The Latest Jewelry Trends
Big jewelry is definitely back, many thanks due to Alexis Bittar on that. Chandelier earrings, large bangle bracelets and chunky necklaces are all prominently featured in the Alexis Bittar collection. Bold pieces in vibrant colors attract attention and add style to any outfit. Large cuff bracelets of Lucite may be hand-painted in a variety of colors and patterns. Current collections include 80's inspired "punk rock" influences as well as 70's inspired bohemian looks. It is easy to create your own unique look with exquisite Alexis Bittar Jewelry.
Summing it Up
If you are looking for a bold, unique piece of ultra modern jewelry with a retro influence, Alexis Bittar jewelry is definitely for you. Lucite, glass, gold, silver or even gunmetal come to life with beauty and style that is uniquely Alexis Bittar. Once made in his bedroom, Alexis Bittar Jewelry now owns a sprawling studio with over 160 employees who hand paint and assemble each piece of jewelry that hits store shelves. Alexis Bittar has something to suit virtually every woman from elegant to wild with the appropriate jewelry to match her own style and personality. The jewelry line by Alexis Bittar exemplifies what a creative genius can do when he is allowed to pursue his dreams and follow his passions.